About us

The Canadian Outdoor Academy (COA) was created to offer solutions to challenges related to training and employment in the Yukon’s wilderness tourism industry. COA offers guide-specific training services as well as Wilderness First Aid courses in partnership with Wilderness Medical Associates International. All courses are for professionals hoping to upgrade their skills, as well as new comers wanting to start a career in tourism. COA works closely with local partners and service providers. Our mission is to supply Yukon’s tourism operators with qualified employees.

The goal is to create a positive impact in and for the tourism industry and alleviate pressure related to recruiting for local wilderness tourism businesses. Ultimately, the objective is to help enhance industry standards in the Yukon.

In addition to its role as a training provider, the Canadian Outdoor Academy acts as a link between guides and tourism employers by facilitating the placement of its pool of trainees. Running a tourism business is a great challenge in itself. COA can provide training solutions and employment resources to wilderness operators all across the Yukon and beyond.