Introduction to Guiding in the Yukon

Have you thought about becoming a guide in the Yukon?

The Canadian Outdoor Academy, in partnership with local professionals, is offering an introductory course to guiding in the Yukon. Over 2 weeks, candidates will be trained on basic skills and be prepared to join Yukon’s tourism industry. Our program is designed to offer an opportunity to those seeking key knowledge to become a guide in the Yukon, and to help local operators hiring trained staff.

How to Apply

There are 15 spots available for the Introduction to Guiding in the Yukon 2024 summer program. Candidates must apply directly to COA or be referred by their employer. Submit your application by filling out the form below or by contacting [email protected].

April 29 - May 12 - 2024

Week 1 Week 2

Wilderness Advanced First Aid

Introduction to First Nation's Culture & Heritage

Outdoor Meal Planning

Communications & Technology

Outdoor Cooking Skills

Practical Mechanical Knowledge

Leave No Trace Principles

Bear Safety in the Yukon

Driver Class 4 Road Test Exam*

Introduction to Guiding a Hiking Trip

Canoe Level 1 Certification

Swift Water Rescue Certification

*Candidates must provide successful completion of written exam for Class 4 Driver’s License prior to start of summer program.


  • Initial Deposit: $1400
  • Refund after completing the
    season with one employer: $450


  • Initial Deposit: $200
  • Refund if the candidate does not
    complete the full season: $200

The Canadian Outdoor Academy works in close partnership with many wilderness tourism operators in the Yukon. This introductory training program will enable you to apply for entry level positions with most of our partners. If you do not have a perspective employer, contact us for help.

The program is currently offered at a low introductory price thanks to the support of Yukon partners. The cost is shared between candidates and employers. If you don’t have an employer at the time of training, you can pay the full price ($1400 + $200) and still qualify for a partial reimbursement at the end of the season.


  • Priority given to candidates contracted by a Yukon local operator member of the Wilderness Tourism Association of the Yukon.
  • Must be 19 years of age.

  • Successful completion of written exam for Class 4 Driver’s License prior to start of summer program.

  • Must demonstrate an interest for the outdoors and be whiling to join Yukon’s tourism industry.


Shared accommodation at the site of training is available. Limited space, contact us for more details.


Not Included

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This program is designed as an introductory training to becoming a guide in the Yukon. It was created to offer a toolkit to people interested in joining Yukon’s tourism industry. The Canadian Outdoor Academy does not pretend to compete with, or replace in-depth training programs available in multiple schools around the country. Guiding is a vocation, and training is available at all levels depending on the career path chosen.